A downloadable game

Players are working in a company where they get access to both: silly office jokes and confidential information.

There are three ways to win this game - climb the company ladder and become Employee of the Month, get all other employees fired or get three pieces of confidential information out of the company and blow the whistle on them!

Each round one of the players has a guard duty. The guard distributes five random (and secret to him) pieces of information to the employees. The employees keep two cards and return the rest revealing them to the guard.

Now the Employees try to leave the company with the cards. The Guard can make them reveal the cards.

If the Guard catches an Employee trying to leave the company with confidential information, he moves up the company ladder by the amount of pieces found and the employee moves down by the same amount. The cards go back in the pile.

If the guard does not find anything, he moves down one step and the Employee moves up.

If the Guard lets the Employee leave without checking, the Employee keeps the cards.

The next employee becomes a guard and a new round starts.

Published Apr 10, 2016
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game